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Is the Futon a Good Mattress Choice?

Choosing the right kind of mattress for your futon can prove to be the difference in whether you end up loving your futon or get disappointed by it. There are a wide variety of choices and options that one has when it comes to a futon mattress. The mattresses are available in different kinds of materials which include cotton and foam, cotton, wool and cotton and polyester and cotton. There are also mattress types which have a combination of inner springs and organic elements making the futon free of any chemicals or other impurities.

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Wool and Cotton Futon Mattress Types

If you are looking for a futon mattress that will give you the most comfort than you should really choose a cotton mattress. It offers a supportive but soft cushion touch in addition to being durable, absorbent, breathable and resistive to high temperature. Another kind of futon mattress that is gaining popularity with homeowners is the cotton and foam mattress. The foam and cotton is present in the form of layers in these kinds of mattresses. Foam and cotton mattresses are known to be much lighter than cotton mattresses. The presence of foam in the futon mattress in the form of layers makes the mattress plusher and softer.

Wool and cotton futon mattresses are perhaps the best as the outer layer of the mattress is made of wool in this kind and this gives it a natural protection against fire. The futon will feel extremely soft to the touch and give you a very cushiony feeling all because of the presence of wool. The compaction of the futon with time in addition to its sagging with age is reduced by a significant margin. Some of the other advantages of using wool in a futon mattress are that it is a dust mite repellent material and does not give off any gas fumes in addition to being breathable and fire retardant. If you are looking for an all natural chemical free material, you should really go for wool and cotton mattresses.

What about a futon mattress with innersprings?

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Innerspring mattresses are also becoming popular with the public because of the fact that they provide a great support for the back muscles for all kinds of body types. The circular coils inside the mattress are made of steel which are able to provide a good cushioning feeling which can last for a very long time. A lot of people choose to surround inner spring mattresses with a combination of both cotton and foam.

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